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2020 Holiday Looks - The Covid Edition

When the United States began lock down in March, the thought of having Santa behind plexiglass seemed unimaginable.  Ten months later, children’s faces are glued to windows encasing Santa, similarly to a scene at the zoo. With mandated social distancing and other Covid regulations, many debate the purpose of Santa’s presence.  To feel hope and progress, it’s essential to recognize and reshape traditions temporarily. In the same way festive décor and cuisine lend themselves to heightened sprit; it is beneficial to embrace fashion to elevate holiday morale and mood.  This year make and effort and go out of your comfort zone.  Be ambitious, adventurous, take risks, and have fun with your personal style. Don’t simply welcome another year, instead strut towards 2021, equipped and prepared for triumph.  Here are some suggestions to create the ultimate holiday attire.