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Five Rules to Follow to SALE-a-Brate Safely!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year. With the kids jingle belling and everyone tell you be of good cheer. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” -Andy Williams

Believe it or not this song is about Christmas, not holiday sales. However, the most wonderful time of year also can also be the most dangerous time of year. In addition to not drinking and driving here are some tips to staying safe navigating through sales…

  1. Do not drink and shop! Your judgment is impaired and you can miss important things, like the return policy.
  2. Have a plan! Do not go shopping merely because there are sales. Think about what your wardrobe needs and write them down, like a grocery list.
  3. If can’t decide because the sale may not be good enough, do not buy it. Go home Google it and see if it is a lower price somewhere else. If not, wait a week, because chances are your item will be reduced further.
  4. Do not go online and shop at bedtime. Most of the time we are looking out of boredom and forget what we bought till it arrives. Although the forgotten purchase is a fun surprise, it is not important enough if you can’t remember buying it.
  5. Sometimes we loose track of how much we bought because the deals are so good. Try not to wear anything till until sale season is over. I know it’s hard because it’s so easy to get ready when you have something new, but try to put all your new items to the side. Reevaluate everything you bought mid-January. Look at your credit card statement and ask yourself “Are all your purchases worth keeping?” Guilt is not a good look on anyone!

It is true; we can be our worst enemy. I can think of a million times I have screwed myself unintentionally. Never the less, we also can be our own best friend, and learn from our mistakes. Be mindful and walk into sales with eyes wide open and wallets shut tight. Happy Holidays and be safe!